Wedding Cake Toppers Ideas

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Lenox Cinderella Wedding Cake Toppers

The wedding cake toppers figurines are customized that you put on the wedding cake, an American travesty that has replaced the classic characters in plastic or resin. If you are going to get married, and you want to be elegant but original, you can order a custom cake, now both private bakeries are equipped to create spectacular cakes covered with sugar paste and decorated with every kind of flower or character.

Each cake, from the most traditional and modern English and American origin, can be embellished with a custom wedding cake toppers, there are artists who make them well apart, so you can order a cake topper by an artisan who specializes in cake design and then to make a cake at the bakery.

The wedding cake toppers is made ​​of pasta cereal and sugar paste, they are real reproductions of spouses who can agree on every part. There are scenes “classic” with the groom runs away, the newlyweds in love with Disney characters or events, or otherwise. Choose a cake topper that tell your love story and that makes the cake more beautiful.

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