Rustic Wedding Invitations

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Amazing Rustic Wedding Invitations

Rustic wedding invitations are very trendy in the amount of them taking place in gardens, farms, fields, etc. They are characterized by ties, lace and more lace crude worsted yarns. They are of paper, carved wood, dried flowers and many colors. Rustic designs invitations addition to all these elements can have these shocking details that the couple prefer, such as inclusion in small boxes filled with confetti and even funny images of the future marriage.

Wood: it sounds a bit strange, it is true that the rustic wedding invitations always have to have original ingredients to make them unique in the case of invitations rustic with it; you can paste a picture of both and a little note with everything that guests should know. Original wood invitation and photo of the couple. Recycled paper: is one of the best ideas that build designs for invitations. Recycled paper, colored earth and you can decorate with white ink to stand out much better and accompany a lace bow.

Rustic wedding invitations,  the designs of these style invitations can also be very stylish. Although we see with these basic colors, there will always be a way of filling of style and chic touches. The paper called vellum, that we have used more than once for tracing drawings, is a good solution, but this time those pictures go in these designs embossed invitations.

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