Popular Country Wedding Cake Toppers

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Country Wedding Cake Toppers Cowboy

There are two ways you can make country wedding cake toppers. First is to have a cake with rustic accents, like the frosting with a textured basket weave or calico printing. Other popular desserts country is to incorporate your cake. One way to do this is to make a strawberry cake multi-tiered, with each level of multi-level cake layers of whipped cream in the middle and strawberries on top. Or veto the cake all together and serve different types of cakes, including all favorites of the bride and groom.

For country wedding cake toppers theme, you have many options for decorating. Wearing a cowboy hat and rope or sail and power are popular choices for weddings country. To celebrate the victory in the rodeo, horses and hay bales are a great addition to the celebration cake.

A great way to present country wedding cake toppers is to place on top of a cake tower wood carving. Cowboy hats, either actual size or size of the cake, cake give any country an authentic feel. Clean shoes (or edible horseshoes) may be included on the cake, or used as an accent piece to the final cake. Rope and a horse ranch fence can be added to the elegant or fun pastel country.

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