Official Royal Wedding Website

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Royal Wedding Official Website

St James’ Palace announced the launch of the official Royal Wedding Website recently to celebrate the marriage of Prince William and his beautiful wife, Kate Middleton. They promise to offer regular updates on the upcoming marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29. The palace says that t will be updated regularly with photos, links and videos-exclusive ones, too! Furthermore, it promises to be the first to reveal information on some of the most coveted details of all such as specifics on Middleton’s dress on the day itself. It means that government also launched a separate site intended to offer practical information for members of the public interested in taking part in celebrations. Official Royal wedding website will give good information about royal wedding.

About Royal Wedding Website

This step is appropriate for a great wedding like William’s and Kate’s great wedding to be published to the people who has enthusiastically see many procession of the wedding. Moreover, by visiting the website we can see many features like exclusive content, including photo galleries, features, videos and links to important information for visitors on the day.

We can also find out to be the ultimate go-to for all important wedding details, like information about Kate’s wedding dress. this website also accompanied by many social account such as Twitter, Facebook page, Flickr, and Youtube so people can get the fix of Wills and Kate from whichever form of social media you prefer. This website is live stream a broadcast of the big day; say a spokesperson for St. James’s Palace. The website is hosted by Google App Engine that is designed to handle large, global peaks in web traffic.

In planning wedding, the idea to see the great wedding of Prince William and his beautiful wife, Kate Middleton, by visiting the website is a good decision. You can see some details of the wedding that will help you and give the inspiration for your wedding.

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