New Ideas Wedding Invitation Wording

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Examples Of Wedding Invitation Wording

The choice of wedding invitation wording is very personal, and that is sending the character of the celebration: whether it is a themed wedding, an intimate celebration or an informal marriage, everything should be reflected in it. Our recommendation is to go to Medellin fine prints, a company with extensive experience that has everything you need to make your wedding invitations, regardless of the style they choose. It also has a very comprehensive guide on their website for you to clarify any questions you have regarding the most appropriate for your invitations marriage.

Whether you are planning an intimate wedding or a wedding at large, both options have a common denominator: wedding invitation wording. Aimed at the formal announcement of the union of the couple to their guests at the time of writing the invitations wedding is very important to consider who the senders.

Currently many wedding invitation wording that invite themselves to the wedding, either because they live together, because one has been married before, or simply because they feel a more personal way to do it. In this case the text should read directly, “Paul and Mary are pleased to invite to your wedding, to be held …” 

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