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Beautiful Gold Bridesmaid Dresses

If you’re looking for a color theme for your wedding, gold bridesmaid dresses will be a sure hit, besides being a beautiful color that is fashionable, has a very deep meaning for a wedding perfect. From the oldest civilizations gold has been a special color, related to the sun, indicates something extraordinary and magical attribute of the eternal and unchanging, means happiness, joy, innovation, strength, beauty is associated with the already highly valuable it is also related to the merit and fame, as in all major competitions there is always gold awards.

For the ancient Egyptians was the color of their pharaohs after death, and the flesh of the gods. The Incas, who worshiped the stars as gods, thought everything was golden echo with the sun, so it had divine origin. For the ancient Romans meant the gold bridesmaid dresses wisdom, clarity of ideas, wealth and sophistication.

Therefore, because it also combines well with white, and because there is a growing trend among couples who marry to give an emotional meaning to your wedding to go beyond the social act, gold bridesmaid dresses, wins at weddings as a symbol of an unchanging, eternal and immortal love.

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