Easy Wedding Reception Decorations

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Diy Wedding Reception Decorations

Want to let your wedding guests with his mouth open? I’ll help you get it! Wedding reception decorations is as important as the planning process: lights, flowers, cutlery, distribution of the guests, styling … There are so many things to organize! But calm, today I bring you easy ways to decorate a wedding reception.

You can choose patterned pillows as wedding reception decorations. If you are lucky enough to have a reception area with a lounge area with sofa, do not hesitate to play with pillows and match colors with different shapes and textures. This will give a fun yet elegant touch to your day!

Use colored glass. Instead of using your entire budget on flowers, centerpieces and lights, consider allocating a portion of the cutlery and glassware. If you choose glasses and cups of colored glass you will get a unique decoration in your tables. That touch of color and light will make the rest of decorative elements are more expendable. In wedding reception decorations, you can also create a panel with family photos. Create a wall of family photos and family tree. In addition to decorating the reception, you’ll a nice surprise to your closest people.

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